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Mama Moves

Making family travel simple and fun!

Welcome to Mama Moves! Don't believe the hype that once you have kids your traveling days are over. Here, you’ll find the dos and don'ts for traveling with a family and have the chance to explore my constantly growing video and members only itinerary collection. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!


About Me

I'm a full-time working wife and mom. Traveling is my love language. Like most people, once I had my first child I got a lot of "your traveling days are over" speeches. However, I've found out that having a child doesn't mean you can't travel, it just means you have to do it a little differently.

This is why I created Mama Moves. I'm on a mission to show parents that traveling with kids is possible and fun! Too often parents put off travel when they have young kids thinking that they will just travel once the kids get older or once they're all out of the house. I hope that you leave my site feeling confident in your ability to take that trip and take the kids too if you need to!