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Tackling Tulum with a Toddler

Yes, we did it. We took our 18 month old to Tulum, Mexico and had a great time! Keep reading to see how we climbed ancient ruins in Tulum with a toddler!

Tulum Highlight Reel

View the Tulum Highlight Reel here:

Tulum Itinerary

Want to know exactly which resort we stayed at and what excursion we took? Click here to get the Tulum itinerary sent to your email: Itineraries | Mama Moves (

Don't get me wrong, traveling with kids can be stressful, but there are many ways you can alleviate most of that stress. Read on to find out what made our trip to Tulum a success!

Staying at an All-Inclusive Resort

When traveling outside of the U.S. with kids, staying at an all-inclusive resort is an easy way to make your trip less stressful and more enjoyable. Here are some reasons you should consider an all-inclusive resort for your next family trip

  • Something for every eater, even the picky ones- For us, the picky eater was my husband, not our toddler that would eat almost everything. However, the all inclusive we stayed at while in Tulum had something that each of us could enjoy. We usually ate at the buffet restaurant, which required no reservation, for lunch and ate and one of the themed restaurants for dinner. Our favorites were the Japanese and Italian restaurants.

  • Book excursions through the resort- the resort excursion counter made booking the excursion we took super easy. We chose to do a combo excursion which included multiple activities in one day.

  • Activities for all ages- the resort we chose had plenty of activities on site. There was a kids' play area/waterpark, live entertainment, and even a foam party at the pool!

  • Decrease the need for planning- staying at an all-inclusive means you have everything you could need right at your fingertips. The extent of your planning will be which restaurant you should make a dinner reservation for or which activities you want to attend without the day.

  • You don't have to spend any additional money once you're there, unless you want to. Your food, drinks, and some activities are all included in the price- If you're on a budget, there is plenty to do included in what you paid to the resort.

What to do?

Some stray away from excursions with kids. Excursions are definitely possible, it's just about picking the right ones. I highly recommend looking into the resort excursions available when choosing a resort. The resort we stayed at also listed the price for each age. Since there was a price price for ages 0-5 I knew we would be able to bring our toddler with us.

We picked a combo excursion and knocked everything out in one day. Our toddler was a champ and my husband was too, carrying out son in the carrier for most of the excursion. There was a hike during the excursion, but there were bike taxis available so we took full advantage of that! It was also nice to be able to take little breaks on the air conditioned bus as we traveled to our next stop on the tour. We stopped at a local village, climbed ancient ruins, and swam in a cenote. It was truly a trip to remember!

Do you think you're ready to tackle Tulum? Leave a comment or question below!

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